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Stand Out In Style

Stand Out In Style is a 3-month program designed for women coaches & speakers who are ready to improve their brand visibility through style to attract lucrative opportunities with ease.


Speaker, Event & Photoshoot Styling

Let' s design fully styled, on-brand looks for your moment in the spotlight. We will determine the best style, clothing options and colors for your business event.

Depending on the number of outfits that you need, we will go through your wardrobe to figure out what can be used.

I will then either give you suggestions for items to look for to complete looks so that you can shop confidently on your own time or make a custom online shopping selection in your budget range.

Please note that this service should be booked a minimum of 6 weeks before your scheduled photo shoot or business event.

1 or 2 sessions depending on your needs

Investment: 4 figures

The idea of using a stylist might sound scary at first, but I've learned to think of it in the same vein as hiring an interior designer.

I know roughly what I like, but pulling it all together, building upon what I have and often knowing where to shop is not my strong suit. I can't be an expert at everything!

I have used Isaüra to help me dress appropriately and memorably for several important events. In each case, I ended up with complete ensembles I would never chosen myself.

Dresses I would have walked right past, but I loved the minute I put them on. She helped me select shoes, bags and jewelry. She even suggested how I might style my hair to create the most flattering look for each event. She is a delight to shop with whether in person or virtually. She is my stylist friend who helps me become the best, most polished version of myself. I love working with her!

Ginny, VP Dermatology Research Associates, USA

VIP Strategy Day

You and me in a dream location in Paris or on the French Riviera.

6 hours of strategy to improve your personal brand and style. This intensive 1:1 experience will get you the fastest results.

Examples of topics we can cover in depth during this day (up to 2):

➖ Personal style and brand audit

➖ Definition of your personal style

➖ Body image and style mindset

➖ Body shape and color profile

➖ Dressing with intention

➖ Communicating through your clothes

➖ Brand positioning through style

➖ Branding for personal brands and public speakers

➖ Effective wardrobe management routines

➖ Shopping spree with training elements

Once we have determined where you feel stuck, limited, frustrated.... I'll start planning our day.

This is a rare opportunity to work with me in person.

Availability for bookings is limited.

A virtual VIP Strategy Day is also possible.

Investment: 4 figures

The experience was exceptional and I have gotten great value out of it. Before working with Isaüra, I struggled with knowing what clothes would be most flattering on my body shape. I rarely got compliments on what I was wearing. 

Isaüra helped me identify a style that really reflects my business and my personality. She taught me what colors would be most flattering and specifically what style of clothing flatters my body shape.

I had no idea there was so much science to fashion such as the shape of my glasses, the style and size of my jewelry, to the height and width of my heals and the length of my sleeves to just name a few!

I never really paid attention to these things but these are many of the things I now pay attention to.

The investment to work with Isaüra is worth every penny! She helped me declutter my closet and taught me how to be put outfits together creatively that cause people to take notice. 

Whenever I wear something Isaüra chose for me, I get compliments. I am excited to be on my way to being able to walk in my closet and feel that everything in there is a 10. I already see the impact that the style she is helping me create is having on my business and when I speak. I now feel like my style reflects my brand and actually attracts even more clients to want to work with me. Thank you Isaüra for your talent and expertise. I am so thankful to be working with you!"

Jen, Business Connection Specialist, USA

Personal Style Coaching

The foundations of a profitable personal style.

During your personal style journey, we will tackle the following topics:

➖ Your personal brand strategy to best position yourself in your industry

➖ Your personal style strategy to be visually memorable

➖ Your virtual branding to make an impact online

➖ Your social media image strategy to attract your ideal audience

➖ Your body shape analysis to best compliment your silhouette

➖ Your color analysis to best flatter your complexion


➖ Your personal style guide

➖ Your body shape and color profile

8 x 1:1 coaching sessions + assignments and virtual support throughout

Time frame: 3-4 months

Investment: 5 figures

"It took me several years to hire Isaüra. Not because I doubted her, but because I doubted myself.

As my body shape changed in a few years, I was uncomfortable with my outfits. I couldn't find a style that suited me. Since 90% of my work is based on my personal image and image in general, I needed to find a signature look that would reflect my personality and send the right message to my clients: "I am the expert you need".

Isaüra's approach was innovative and surprising, because at the beginning of the coaching, she does not focus on your style.

She takes stock of your image: the one you have of yourself, the one you want to project, the one people have of you. And over the course of the sessions, I discovered myself, without judgment.

When we talked about clothing style, she quickly understood what I was looking for.

She proposed a style that corresponds in all points to the image I want to give, without disguising me. I find that her approach allows me to bring out the best in myself.

I recommend her without hesitation and pursue my coaching to make an even greater impact around me!"

Stéphanie, Brand Strategist , France


No more overwhelm. You can devote yourself to your zone of genius while I manage your personal style.

Brand.Style.Success is a premium styling experience designed to help you dress well, exude credibility and achieve career success even if you lack the time, the know-how, have no interest in fashion and feel ambivalent towards shopping.

What you'll get:

➖ All the perks of Personal Style Coaching

➖ 1 VIP Day in Paris or Marseille

➖ 4-season online personal shopping sessions (spread over 12 months)

➖ On-brand outfits design for your photo shoots, speaking engagements, client meetings, social media, business trips & events... (up to 15 outfits per month)

➖ Packing list for all your business trips

➖ On-demand online styling sessions

Brand.Style.Success is very exclusive. Availability for bookings is limited to a handful of new clients as existing clients are given priority.

Time frame: 12 months

Investment: 5 figures

"I used to spend a lot of money on clothes I only wore once and even though my closet was packed, I always felt like I never had anything to wear to go to a business event or to speak from the stage.

Working with Isaüra made me realize that almost all of the clothes I was buying were wrong for me and that it was costing me a fortune.

Now I don’t have to worry about what to wear, Isaüra does it all for me, packing for business trips is all done for me in advance so I can focus on the business not on what goes in my suitcase.

This has saved me so much time, energy and money!

I'm way more confident now in how I look. When I am at a business, people always comment on my style, it works brilliantly for my brand. It definitely helps me get more ideal clients. I am loving it!"

Moira, Business Mentor & International Speaker, Ireland


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