I bring together my expertise in Image crafting and Styling with my genuine passion for Personal development

Hey there, I'm Isaüra!

pronounced "e-za-o-ra"

Thank you for visiting my website!

If you're here, it's likely that you're considering elevating your current personal brand image or recognizing the need for a complete overhaul. Your business is on the rise, and you're keen to ensure your personal brand evolves in harmony.

Rest assured, you're in the right place, and I'm already thrilled for you!

Let me share a bit about me:

Born and raised in Paris, my journey has been deeply rooted in the fashion industry. To me, style is more than just clothes – it's a potent instrument to communicate our essence.

In my younger days, the streets of Paris were my classroom. I'd spend hours there, studying people's outfits and dissecting what it was that made heads turn.

I used to believe that style was a universal source of enjoyment, but as it turns out, I was mistaken!

Isaüra Tsama, Personal brand Stylist

Hearing many entrepreneurs gripe about dressing for business made me realize it's a daily struggle.


So in 2016, I launched IntrInsic with a burning passion. I wanted to support entrepreneurs like me, who don't just want to enter a room, but own it. Those who strive to etch their brand into memories and make their mark in the business world.

This drove me to create a unique approach that merges branding techniques, personal style and personal development to guide them in crafting an authentic, smart, and profitable personal brand that truly reflects who they are.

As the years passed, this method paved the way for countless entrepreneurs, steering them towards career heights. The joy I feel when I see the transformation in the professional lives of amazing leaders globally is beyond words!

Since then, I've surrounded myself with a team of experts to consistently meet your needs and expectations.

Are you ready to take your personal brand image to the next level and align it with your leadership at work?

Perhaps you're stepping into the spotlight as the face of your business, or embracing a fresh role that demands a customized image.

Be confident that my services are tailored with your ambitions in mind.

A fundamental principle guiding my team and I?

Establishing an environment that nurtures authenticity, respect, and open dialogue – a place where judgment is left at the door.

Your journey, your dreams, and your uniqueness – they're all celebrated here!

If you deliver worldwide seminars and keynote engagements, your image becomes even more important. With my deep dislike for shopping, Isaüra simplified my complex life by teaching me which clothing styles suited me and by indicating "seasonal must have" wardrobe pieces and accessories. From India to the USA, from France to South Africa, I have no more wardrobe panic before client engagements!

Simone-Eva, Cross-cultural Leadership Consultant, France

I used to struggle with self-confidence and representing who I was from the inside to the outside because of my weight. Isaüra helped me find the type of clothes that works best for my body. I now am noticed when I walk in the room and complimented about my overall style and look. I project more confidence and speak with more authority and conviction.

I look and feel so much better about me!

Gladys, Leadership Coach, USA

I'm frequently invited to articulate my perspective on Personal branding and Style in the workplace

Through pursuing my passion, I'm granted the chance to travel, taking the stage at live and virtual conferences to impart my insights regarding the influence of personal branding and style within the professional sphere.

My presentations encompass the following themes:

➖ How To Use Personal Style As A Business Tool

➖ How To Create A Powerful Brand With Personal Style

➖ Personal Style and Effective Leadership

➖ How Clothing Impacts Career Success

➖ Positive Influence Through Personal Style

Isaüra is a consummate professional as a speaker (in multiple languages) as a well as a content expert. Known for her expertise as a Personal Branding Stylist, she has a unique way of engaging an audience with elegance and grace. She imparts truly effective tools to help her audience develop a style that screams success. She inspired our Members to define their unique, personal style, which is a key component to their success on stage and off stage. I highly recommend that you secure Isaüra as a speaker for your next conference or event.

Gail Brown, Founder of Engaging Speakers, USA

Isaüra is always such a wonderful person to collaborate with. We both work in the personal branding arena and it has been my great privilege to collaborate with her both in my Permission to DO YOU Conversation series, with her sitting on multiple panels, as well as on hosting a masterclass on Personal brand style in my community, Your Business Peeps. On each occasion, Isaüra was not only professional and responsive, but came into every conversation with amazing insights and a wonderful ability to support people where they are in their journey. I wouldn't hesitate to share a stage with Isaüra again at any time!

Tracy Borreson, Founder of TLB Coaching & Events, Canada

I met Isaüra back in March 2020, when as one of the early adopters of virtual life she agreed to run a webinar for the Professional Women’s Network (PWN) in Nice. From that day on, I vowed to find the opportunity to hear Isaüra speak in person! You can’t imagine my excitement when she accepted to join a panel discussion 2 years later organized by Amadeus and the PWN talking about personal branding in our new hybrid life. It was great having Isaüra on the panel bringing with her so much branding and styling knowledge through her zen attitude! Can’t wait for the next one!

Gillian Attard, Host & Moderator of the Amadeus x PWN Event, Nice


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