Make Your Personal Brand

Stand Out

With Personal Style

for greater impact and influence

Step into the spotlight with confidence

with a personal style strategy that speaks to your audience

Regardless of your level of expertise - your credibility starts with your closet.

Your personal style can help you create a memorable and recognizable personal brand.

It is a tool that gives you the power to establish both how you want to position yourself and how you want to be seen in the professional world.

Therefore, investing in your style will only bring you personal and professional benefits.

You are here because you understand the importance of conveying a powerful message through the way you look in order to achieve your ultimate career goals.

Let's elevate your style and make all your visible moments on stage, on screen and on social media a success!


Shopping was just a nightmare. I couldn't find a style that made me stand out. With Isaüra's help, I discovered which style makes me feel confident on stage and online. I don't worry about what I'm going to wear, I have a wardrobe I can rely on! I feel more confident when I show up for my business, my branding reflects me when I am at my best. I don't hide anymore. It made me STEP UP my game!

Saskia, Leadership Specialist, Ireland

I felt I could do better with my current style but I didn't know what was really missing to create that impact in different business scenarios and make heads turn. I love the insights Isaüra shared about being intentional yet authentic and being me. She nicely encouraged me to get there and yet gave me my space to make up my mind for it. I fell much more confident in my style than before!

Zenobia, HR Global Leader, Amsterdam

Bonjour, I'm Isaüra!

pronounced "e-za-o-ra"

A French personal brand stylist with over a decade of expertise in the Fashion industry and founder of IntrInsic.

I help international women coaches and speakers improve their brand visibility through style so that they can attract lucrative business opportunities with ease.

Since 2016, I have supported hundreds of international female leaders in building an authentic, on-brand image that supports their expertise and ambition.

The results are concrete: they gained visibility and recognition, spoke on big stages, significantly increased their sales, negotiated fundraising...

 If you are ready to level up and show up with confidence, you are definitely in the right place!

I always felt that the clothes I wore were not good enough and I needed to change the way I was perceived by others. I had a very different view of what professionalism was and how to dress.

After working with Isaüra, I am no longer stressed about what to wear for business, as I know exactly what my style is and how to accentuate who I am in a way that is impactful and professional.

Connie-Lee, Public Speaking Coach, UK

I wanted to demonstrate reliability and sophistication without coming across as stuffy, but after decades of working in a male-dominated environment , I'd lost sight of who I really am. Working with Isaüra has been a wonderful journey of self-discovery and growth. I've found my voice and am much more confident in front of the camera and when performing my sales and marketing activities.

Susan, Financial Mentor, USA


Invisible to Magnetic

Your roadmap to enhanced brand visibility and profitable personal style

Make the ultimate shift from blending in to feeling confident being in the spotlight

with a strong brand visibility that attracts your dream audience and impacts your bottom line!


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